Podium Gym CrossFit

You may have seen CrossFit tournaments on TV (or YouTube), showcasing athletes in prime physical condition. The sight can be intimidating. It might seem impossible for someone like you to complete even one of their exercises, let alone an entire sequence. However, if you forget that physical events on TV are for elite contestants, you will fail to recognize why CrossFit has become so popular.

What a shame! Firstly, because it is so much fun, and secondly, because CrossFit’s health benefits apply to everyone, regardless of age or current physical condition. Whether you are in great shape or totally unfit, this “sport of fitness” will significantly enhance your well-being and improve your life overall. So, let’s get into the how and why, shall we?

Class Difficulty is One-Size-Fits-All: Suitable for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced

CrossFit routines can be modified for individuals of varying skill levels and experience on the spot. This flexibility means you can join a class as a beginner, intermediate, or advanced member. There are no prerequisites other than a hunger for challenge and personal growth.

After every class, you will be healthier and stronger than before – and a level up from who you were yesterday. As you improve, you will feel inspired and more confident. These mental boosts will positively affect how you handle the challenges in your daily life.

CrossFit is All-Encompassing

CrossFit is unique because it is a hybrid fitness program that draws from various disciplines. We call it the “workout of the day” (WOD) because it consists of a variety of exercises designed to improve your strength, stamina, agility, and mobility.

Not modifying your workout program will prevent you from getting quicker, stronger, and better. This redundancy is why fitness gains usually plateau after weeks or months of the same practice. You do not have to worry about that happening with CrossFit!

It’s One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Cardiovascular Health

A study led by the American Council on Exercise found that CrossFit works better than conventional workouts due to higher aerobic and anaerobic energy demands. In addition, the high intensity of CrossFit workouts helps increase aerobic fitness while burning calories.

Like other HIIT workouts, it raises aerobic capacity more than standard aerobic training, which people often perform below their anaerobic threshold. In addition, working out vigorously for shorter periods means you reap better results in less time.

CrossFit Will Inspire You to Adopt a Healthier Lifestyle

After working so vigorously in class to improve your fitness level, you may think twice about eating potato chips and ice cream! Plus, your coach here at Podium Gym CrossFit will remind you to eat clean to improve your athletic performance and general well-being and achieve your weight loss goals (if that applies). If clean eating is unfamiliar to you, your CrossFit coach can happily point you in the right direction with meal recommendations.

It is Impossible to Get Bored with CrossFit, so You will Always Be Motivated to Workout!

The boredom of a fitness routine is one of the main reasons people get unmotivated to go to the gym. If this sounds like you, CrossFit could be the solution to keep your motivational spark alive. CrossFit classes feature diversity in exercises, speeds, and intensities.

This variation keeps your brain active and your body adjusting, adapting, and evolving. In addition, you never get bored of exercising. So just come to Podium Gym CrossFit and give CrossFit a try. We are confident you will love it.

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