Podium Gym CrossFit

At Podium Gym CrossFit, we have all the equipment and machines you need to get into the best shape of your life. So, why should you partake in group exercise activities when you can exercise alone in our fully-equipped gym?

Because classes combined with solo gym sessions can help you improve strength, tone your body, and lose weight more than either mode by itself. How?

Group exercise holds you accountable for showing up on time and putting 100% effort into your training from start to finish. These are a couple of the advantages exercising in a group offers. Listed below are a few more.

Science Backs Group Exercising Benefits

Research shows that we pick up others’ good habits. For example, according to a Journal of Social Sciences study, people are influenced by the fitness habits of those around them.

Another study published in the scientific journal Obesity demonstrated that the more time overweight people spend with fit companions, the more weight they lose.

In addition, other studies have shown that people go to the gym more often by taking classes than they would by just going to lift weights and/or doing cardio alone. They are also more focused on exercising (without the distractions of the phone or talking to friends) and spend more time doing the workouts (sometimes even double), reaping more significant rewards for their time at the gym.

What do these results mean? First, that group exercise is a fantastic wellness solution and a motivational push to stay healthy. Plus, getting fit in a group can be so much more fun, which is perhaps the most important thing because it helps with consistency. Being adamant about exercising at least three days a week is essential.


You are Less Likely to Quit

Group workouts encourage consistency since they require commitment. Furthermore, positive peer pressure can help curb the impulse to skip a workout day or quit.

For most people, maintaining a regular exercise regimen is challenging. However, having a set group waiting for you each time might provide the drive and accountability you need to succeed.

In one study, for example, 95% of individuals who started a weight-loss program with friends finished it, compared to 76% of those who did it alone. In addition, the participants who trained with friends were 42% more likely to keep off weight.

Fitter Classmates Inspire and Subconsciously Motivate You to Try Harder

No one wants to be a group’s weakest link, according to the Köhler Effect. When it comes to physical exercise, this means challenging yourself even further when paired with more fit individuals.

You Can Burn Double the Calories by Exercising in a Group

Researchers at Kansas State University showed that individuals who exercised with someone they believed was better than them increased their workout length and intensity by 200%, burning up to double the calories they would have by exercising alone.

You are Less Likely to Hurt Yourself

Sometimes, you think you are correctly doing something you learned from a YouTube video, but you are not.

Having a coach guarantees that you complete exercises correctly and that you can do them to failure in a safe manner. In addition, having a partner (a classmate or the instructor) allows you to do exercises you would not be able to do alone.

Podium Gym CrossFit Group Exercise Options

At Podium Gym CrossFit, group classes include CrossFit and studio classes like Zumba, Tabata, and more. They are capped at twelve people per class, so everyone gets quality time and thorough guidance from the instructor.

Check our website’s CrossFit and studio class schedules to see what is available this week, and give exercising in a group a try. Do it once, and we are confident you will be hooked!

We also have personal trainers for those seeking one-on-one coaching or gym newbies intimidated by a group setting. With a personal trainer, you will get all the same benefits as exercising in a group.