Podium Gym CrossFit

Luxury Facilities

Podium Gym CrossFit is the only Fully A/C Fitness Center in Koh Phangan, providing a spotless environment with clean towels and drinking water fountains. Locker rooms with power showers and hairdryers, herbal soap, shampoo & conditioner. Recover from your workout and wash away joint stiffness in the ice bath, improve blood circulation and your skin health in the Herbal Steam Room.

Podium gym CrossFit also has a Juice & protein bar on-site, where you can find Protein in bulk.

The Gym



Open from 7:00 to 22:00 – 7/7

Right in the center of Koh Phangan, 500 sqm (5,400 sqf) dedicated to healthy living.

Modern gym with air conditioning equipped with the latest apparatus in the industry. Showers, locker room, towel service (with deposit),water fountain, ice-bath & steam room.

Onsite bar and shop.

Groups fitness classes available in the mornings.

CrossFit and «Open Gym» CrossFit.


All of our equipment is Matrix brand

– Treadmill
– Assault runner

Recovery bath & Steam Room


The use of ice baths to alleviate sore muscles and inflammation after exercise has been a mainstay for athletes for many years. It is recommended to first use steam room and then ice bath (and not the other way around), as heat increases the blood flow and heart rate and make our muscles relax, which cold plunges slows down the heart rate and makes our blood vessels contract.

A few benefits from Ice Bathing after Sauna:

• Repairs muscle and grow new brain cells
• Boosts immune system and reduces inflammation
• Improves attention, memory and focus
• Tightens and rejuvenates the skin
• Enhances the power of visualization
• Brings you in a state of relaxation and creativity

This great healing experience is available with all membership types (except drop-ins and «Fitness Classes only» members).

Steam Room: daily from 7:00 to 21:00, exc. Wed and Sun from 9:00

Ice Bath: daily from 8:00 to 21:00, exc. Wed and Sun from 10:00

Protein bar & Shop


Elevate your fitness experience at our bar, where health meets happiness! Sip on energising protein shakes, refuel with protein bars.

Our shop sells protein and various supplements in bulk.


Pilates Mobility

A Pilates mobility fitness class focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and overall body awareness. It incorporates controlled movements, emphasizing core engagement and proper alignment to enhance joint mobility and stability. Participants often use props like resistance bands or balls to add variety and challenge to the exercises. The class typically includes a series of flowing movements, stretches, and is suitable for all fitness levels.

Core Commando

The Core Commando Fitness class focuses on strengthening core muscles all mat based, through a combination of high-intensity exercises, bodyweight movements, and functional training. Expect a dynamic workout that targets your core, improves overall fitness, and enhances endurance.

Functional Tabata

Functional Tabata is a high-intensity workout that combines the principles of Tabata with functional exercises. The focus is on functional movements, such as squats, lunges, pushups, and burpees, to improve overall strength, endurance, and agility. This efficient and challenging workout is designed to boost metabolism and enhance both cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


Bootcamp fitness is a high-intensity group workout that combines strength training, cardio, and agility exercises. Led by an instructor, participants engage in a series of dynamic drills, promoting endurance, muscle tone, and overall fitness. The format often involves circal rest between activities, fostering a challenging yet motivating environment.

Yoga Booty

Join our invigorating Yoga Booty Fitness class, where the harmony of yoga meets the intensity of a targeted booty workout. Sculpt and tone your glutes, while enhancing flexibility and inner balance through a fusion of yoga poses and dynamic exercises. Elevate your fitness journey with this unique, empowering experience. All levels welcome!


Mixed levels

A mixed-level CrossFit class caters to participants with varying fitness levels. It typically includes a dynamic warm-up, a strength or skill component, and a highintensity WOD (Workout of the Day). The coach adjusts movements and intensity to accommodate both beginners and seasoned athletes, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment.


A CrossFit gymnastics class typically combines elements of gymnastics with CrossFit training, focusing on bodyweight movements, flexibility, and skill development.

Participants may learn and practice exercises like handstands, muscle-ups, and various bodyweight movements to enhance overall strength, coordination, and agility.

It’s a dynamic class that integrates gymnastic techniques into the high-intensity and varied workouts characteristic of CrossFit training.

Kettlebell Skills

Join our CrossFit Kettlebell Skills class for a dynamic workout experience. Enhance strength, agility, and cardiovascular fitness through expert-guided kettlebell exercises.

Suitable for all fitness levels, this class combines functional movements for a wellrounded and challenging session. Unlock your full potential with proper technique and
tailored instruction.

Power Club

The Power Club CrossFit class is an intense and dynamic workout combining elements of weightlifting, cardio, and gymnastics. Participants engage in high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with a focus on functional movements, promoting strength, endurance, and flexibility. Trained coaches guide you through a variety of exercises, ensuring a challenging and supportive environment. Suitable for all fitness levels, it’s a community-driven experience aimed at enhancing overall fitness and performance.

Team WOD

Team WOD CrossFit class involves dynamic, high-intensity workouts designed for groups. Participants collaborate on various functional movements, cardio exercises, and weightlifting in a supportive team environment. Expect diverse challenges that enhance strength, endurance, and teamwork skills.