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When compared to standard treadmills, the Assault AirRunner stands apart. Its low-impact design and shock-absorbing belt keep people from getting hurt and let them go as fast as they want. Furthermore, you will burn more calories on it than on a motorized treadmill.

The Assault AirRunner Provides a More Comfortable Running Experience

More and more athletes, both professional and amateur, are embracing the curved running machine. Each foot strike propels the belt behind users on a concave, non-motorized, curved treadmill. It is easy on the joints and takes advantage of a more efficient curved leg stroke to make running more comfortable.

You Are the Power Source

The Assault AirRunner does not need an outside power source because it gets its power from the user. It works by using gravity, friction, and running forces. Due to the equipment’s curved design, the foot and body weight pull the tread down and back during the backstroke.

In other words, the pace, stride, power, strength, etc., with which you run propels this tread forward; this device has no engine. As such, this training method focuses less on the technology of the track and more on a natural running feel.

The Assault AirRunner is designed to simulate above-ground running, letting athletes push their boundaries while establishing good running form. Also, since it does not have a motor, you can control your speed, making it suitable for runners of all levels.

The Assault AirRunner Improves Your Running Form and Performance

Anyone wishing to improve their running game should try the Assault AirRunner. It improves your stride and performance by compelling you to use the proper technique to move the belt. Its strong steel frame and heavy-duty belt stabilize your training while the overall design advances your running form.

What Is So Special About the Assault AirRunner?

It is perfect for runners who want to go as fast as they can without limits, athletes who want to burn more calories than on conventional treadmills, and anyone who requires a more extended running area. There is no incline, yet controlling the machine yourself will change your form, strength, and skill. You will feel the difference immediately.

You Exert 30% More Power, Burning 30% More Calories

Since the Assault AirRunner has no motor to help, you can go at any speed and still burn many calories. Research shows that you can burn up to 30% more calories than on an electrical machine. Your effort is turned into a pulse that burns calories and builds endurance. This pulse drives the device and helps you reach your fitness goals.

It is the More Sustainable Choice

The Assault AirRunner is more eco-friendly because it does not need energy. So, if you want the best treadmill experience with the least possible environmental impact, this manual treadmill is for you!

Try the Assault AirRunner at Podium Gym CrossFit

Are you ready to jump on an Assault AirRunner right now? We have one for you at Podium Gym CrossFit! You can experience the benefits of this fantastic piece of equipment the next time you come to exercise.