Podium Gym CrossFit

For many, the journey to better health and wellness begins with a daunting task: determining the when, where, why, and how of exercise. But many of these factors can be resolved by participating in a group exercise.

Classes are a great way to maintain an active lifestyle, meet new people, and stay motivated. But have you ever considered this: you can also learn amazing things about yourself by working out in a group setting? Indeed, classes can be an illuminating experience on the path to self-discovery.

You Can Accomplish Challenging Things

It is too simple to talk yourself out of pushing through the last couple of reps on a weight machine or the last five minutes of a run on the treadmill when you are working out solo. In a group fitness class, however, you have plenty of external motivation to amplify your internal determination. In addition, the instructor will provide encouragement, form correction, and verbal cueing to help you master the exercises and movements quickly. As such, your workout is safe, effective, and fun.

Do not be surprised if you work harder and burn more calories than you do in personal workouts. Time might even feel like it is passing faster, too!

You Actually Enjoy Exercise

Keeping yourself from getting bored while exercising can be a significant challenge, affecting motivation and progress. Changing your workouts keeps you from getting bored and prevents you from reaching a fitness plateau. Classes can help!

Working out in a group is a wonderful way to break up the monotony of working out alone. Our fitness instructors at Podium Gym CrossFit introduce new exercises every class to keep you engaged mentally and physically. In fact, it is a primary reason people love CrossFit so much. Furthermore, since the routine and other things are all organized for you, your only responsibility is to give the workout your all.

Working out in a group is a lot of fun. It is more likely that you will keep doing something if you find it enjoyable. If you catch yourself feeling like a hamster on a wheel when you run on the treadmill, maybe it is time to switch to a group class. You will have to put in some effort, but you will also have a great time and meet incredible people.

The Advantages of Group Exercise Over Exercising Alone

Others Are Going Through the Same Thing You Are

While calorie burning is the same whether you work out alone or with a group, a group fitness class’s social and supportive atmosphere makes the effort more worthwhile.

Although there could be some growing pains in your first class, we encourage you to return. Every single person in every group was once a novice. However, after a few sessions, you gain experience, and the familiar faces will encourage you to keep going. There is something for everybody at Podium Gym CrossFit, with Zumba, CrossFit and other classes throughout the week.

You Have the Will and a Way

Finding the drive to work out is sometimes a struggle. If you often view exercise as a burden, joining a group fitness class may improve your perspective. After every class you enjoy, you will find it less daunting to have the willpower to attend consistently. Sticking to your fitness routine will become easy – and easier yet after seeing positive results from never missing a class.

You Can Achieve More Than You Think

People who start fitness classes often feel intimidated. You may not know how to do specific exercises or be afraid of being pushed too far.

There is no need to fret because classes are about learning and progressing, not just exercise. You learn proper exercise forms by watching and working with your instructor. You also realize your limits and are encouraged to push beyond what you think you are capable of. You will find that you can do more than you thought possible.

The CrossFit and studio classes at Podium Gym CrossFit will teach you about yourself and more. Try one of our classes to experience group fitness today.