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A rower is a piece of exercise equipment that mimics the motions of rowing a boat, canoe, or shell (like in the Olympics). On this machine, you can do a wide range of exercises, from low-impact cardio and building endurance to high-intensity sprint intervals, full-body strength training, core training, and posture improvement.

Rowing’s Numerous Health Benefits

Rowing is an excellent form of exercise with many health benefits, such as increased strength and stamina and cutting down on body fat. Rowing machines (or ergometers) can be found at Podium Gym CrossFit and are great for getting in shape quickly and efficiently.

Using this machine to row, you engage your upper and lower body in each stroke. Also, rowing requires a proper core hinge and activation, just like a deadlift. It requires constant core and abdominal engagement. As a result, you’ll have more muscle strength, tone, and endurance. Rowing also has some bonus health benefits, particularly for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Using the Rowing Machine is a Full-Body Workout

Rowing is often thought to work your arms primarily, but it actually works the whole body. The American Fitness Professionals Association says rowing includes 65–75% leg activity and 25–35% upper body work. Pushing off the foot stretcher or driving the stroke engages your leg muscles. Using this machine works the quadriceps, calves, and glutes. It also strengthens pecs, arms, abs, and obliques.

Rowing Reduces Stress

Rowing releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. Endorphins are natural relaxants, painkillers, and sleep aids that make you feel fantastic! Therefore, rowing reduces tension and improves happiness and self-esteem.

Rowing Improves Mobility and Flexibility

Moderate rowing for 20–30 minutes loosens joints and muscles and increases flexibility. So, it keeps the body limber and reduces post-exercise stiffness.

It Is a Low-Impact Exercise on the Joints

Rowing is non-weight bearing and uses fluid motions that are gentle on the body.

Rowing is an excellent exercise for people with osteoarthritis or arthritis, which can cause pain in the joints. It is also helpful for recuperating from injuries or other aches and pains. Using a rowing machine is a safe way to build muscle and improve joint mobility and strength without hurting your body as it heals.

Science-Backed Benefits of Using the Rowing Machine

It is Beginner-Friendly

Rowing is a great workout for people just starting out because it does not require any special gear and can be done at any difficulty level. Beginners and experienced rowers can notice improvements after only a few weeks of training.

It Can Improve Your Posture

Rowing is a fantastic way to strengthen your core and improve your posture. It necessitates a straight, strong back and core, which can significantly improve posture over time.

How Often Should You Use the Rowing Machine and For How Long Each Time?

Research has shown that about the 20-minute mark, the feel-good neurochemicals known as endorphins begin to be released. A full-body workout that lasts about 20 minutes can leave you feeling great for the rest of the day. If you can keep up a rowing workout for 30 minutes, you’ll have time to warm up, cool down, and get a great full-body workout.

So long as your body is up to it, you can keep going for longer as well! Nonetheless, just ten minutes of steady rowing would equal around 200 strokes of work, which is enough to get your blood flowing and maybe even break a sweat. However long you decide to go for, using the rowing machine at Podium Gym CrossFit is a fun and effective way to get physically fit. Try it out next time you exercise!